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Welcome to my personal blog, where I speak my mind and do not intend to operate under any reservations. This blog will serve mainly as a conduit for my ideas and observations. The inception of this blog was based, originally, on the purpose of recording my colorful and various experiences during my summer tenure in Indonesia, but it has come to encompass much more already.

Anthro-pelago. Is derived from two words: the Greco anthro meaning human and the Latin pelagus meaning sea or ocean. This combination of words represents several ideas that seem to resonate throughout my experiences in this archipelago nation.

First, the notion of the “human-ocean” really epitomizes the Indonesian mentality of group-centric rather than individual-centric values, otherwise known as “gotong royong” or mutual cooperation within their own language. This value manifests itself in many ways, with each individual viewing his or her own role as a single bamboo stilt of a shorefront longhouse, fragile on their own, but in unity, they bear their collective burdens.

Second, anthro-pelago also depicts the commonly-held mystical view that there are a myriad of inscrutable forces behind the nuances of life, and thus humanity should submit to the “natural flow of life” rather than resisting it. This second belief is derived directly from a rich culture that has developed for thousands of years suspended above the Ring of Fire, at the mercy of the highly volcanic and natural disaster-prone region that has bore its subjects both fruits and catastrophes alike.

Finally, the ocean, though commonly-regarded as a homogenous deep-blue body of water, is actually a vast collection of microcosms, all living under the uniting label of the “ocean”. Indonesia, much like the ocean, is a macrocosm of unique organs that are beautiful in isolation, yet all playing their own roles in painting the intricate picture that is Indonesia.

Travel well and continue to venture into the unknown, my thirsty friends…


Max Hasan

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PhotobucketThis blog was created as a decent attempt to capture and document all our experience during our travels in Indonesia.

Travel is addictive, it’s an innate human trait of discovery and exploration. An activity that is deeply ingrained in our reptilian brains. We are not the only species to explore beyond our own “backyards”, our comfort zones, animals do too, albeit for different reasons. However, only humans possess the ability to record the experience, and therein lies the difference.

I’ve been exposed to travel from a young age, stemming form my cultural background. An expected by-product of a Eurasian child, with a Czech mother and an Indonesian father. As life unfolded, travel would become an inseparable part of my life, moving around for work and study, that continued into my adulthood. Prague, Sydney, Jakarta, Rotterdam, New York City, Singapore, and San Diego, are just some of the places where I’ve stayed long enough to consider it home. Naturally I’ve infected my own family’s love for travel, and planted the seeds early.

The best part of traveling is not only discovering yourself, but more importantly, connecting with people. It’s the human factor that gives it such an indelible mark, making us realize that we are all essentially similar. And just like wine, travel is best shared with others, and a good travel companion can mean the difference between a travel experience that is plain “blah” or sheer “bliss”.

This “project” is uncommonly special on a few different levels:

  • Cross-generation travel – with my eldest son, Max.
  • Retracing the steps of our Indonesian side of the family.
  • Rediscovering Indonesia, appreciating her beauty, and the people who make up Indonesia.
  • Educational – a personal journey of helping unravel contemporary Indonesia – and understand her challenges in her economy, business, society and the environment, among others.
  • Come in with an open mind, and learn from Indonesian Culture what really makes them “tick”.

The goal of this blog is very simple really: firstly to share with the world our Indonesia travel experience, and secondly, as our minuscule contribution to promote Indonesia as the compelling Travel Destination she is.

And ultimately, as a Brand Strategy Professional – whether or not Indonesia ever becomes a Brand that is “sellable” like many of her neighbors’, in the effort to elevate its image to better attract the magical trio of Trade, Tourism, and Investment, I believe it’s fundamental that we approach Indonesia with no pre-conceived notion, for very few countries of her mind-boggling ethnic and religious diversity would be able to exist as a nation.

Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.

~ Albert Camus (French Philosopher. 1913 – 1960)


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